Saturday, January 28, 2012

In Defense of Capitalism (or as Larry Kudlow puts it, 'Free Market Capitalism is the Best Path to Prosperity')

The link below takes you to an online (and free) version of an old book titled Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

The book was published in 1937 as America was climbing out of the Great Depression.  Although written as a self-help guide to help people get back on their feet, the book has some excellent content on a host of other topics.  Given the book's age, some of the material is dated so, at times, you have to shift your 2012 brain into 'Neutral'.

The book includes some very good historical content.  The story of JP Morgan's 1901 buyout of Andrew Carnegie and the subsequent formation of US Steel is told starting on page 61. The story of the Founding Fathers and the creation of the Declaration of Independence is told starting on page 150.

Today, as in the late 30's, the country is emerging from a serious economic downturn and business bashing is a popular sport.  The Unrepentant Capitalist is bringing the book to your attention in this posting as it includes an excellent rebuttal to those who argue that business and capitalism are evil (see page 136).

The book’s title is probably my least favorite thing about the book.  It would seem to place too much emphasis on monetary wealth, whereas the book devotes a lot of pages to helping people achieve success outside of that measured by paychecks and bank accounts.


  1. I agree with your assessment of the book. I have read it many times when I needed a break from Penthouse articles. I love your blog so keep on writing.

  2. Thanks for checking out the blog. I'm glad I can provide you with some wholesome reading material.