Saturday, April 9, 2011

Historic Budget Deal?

Budget Deal—We Should be Thankful, Right?

The glad handing, back slapping, and congratulatory words are flowing freely in Washington today as officials celebrate their compromise budget deal that avoids a government shut down.  The President says it's the biggest spending cut in history.  Democrat Harry Reid is hailing the deal as 'historic'.  Republican John Boehner received a standing ovation from his fellow GOP members.

As I watch the triumphant celebrate their deal, I am more convinced than ever of the collective ineptitude in Washington.

They're congratulating themselves on spending cuts to the federal budget of $38B.  $38B relative to the last budget of $3.5 trillion (that's trillion with a T) is roughly a 1% cut.  Congratulations, you knuckleheads proposed, counter-proposed, argued, negotiated, had side meetings, burned the midnight oil, and after all that you only cut 1%!?  

Have you ever seen a rookie running back do a dance, pound his chest, and give the crowd the first down signal after he runs for 8 yards in the 4th quarter of a game his team is losing by 4 touchdowns?  In these situations, a veteran will usually grab said rookie by the ear holes and say, "Hey, dumbass, take a look at the scoreboard….now stop making a fool of yourself!"

Hey Washington, the scoreboard says we're sitting at about $14 trillion of total debt.

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